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Welcome to Modelautos1op87.nl through this website, I want to let you take a look at my collection of modelcars in scale 1:87 (H0).
The website consists of: 19487 webpages on which are 27799 photos of the 6390 modelcars.
This over the years collected models consist primarily of the brands Herpa, Wiking, AWM, Rietze and Brekina models.
I hope you enjoy my site.


In the database you can see all the models which are in the collection, with each entry in the list is a link, on which you can find a picture of the model in question. There is a list of all models, there are also lists sorted by manufacturer and brand. (Database)

Latest news

The latest changes and/or additions:


My collection covers a total of 25 display cases including 15 immediately in sight, the others are hanging showcases. In the picture of the various showcases, you can click then a magnification of the showcase is shown. (Showcases)

Become member of the
H0-Modelautoclub Nederland

The HO Model Car Club Netherlands is an association of and for enthusiasts, collectors, builders and renovators of model vehicles in scale HO (1:87). The club was founded in 1986.
The club publishes the club magazine "HO-Modelautoberichten" six times a year.
Four trade exchanges are organized each year, where you have free access as a member!
If you are a table owner and a member, the first table is free. Once a year, a model building day is held.
The website H0-Modelautoclub Nederland is you offered by the club.


You can find photos of all models on my site. Through the database and the thumbnail pages they can be viewed through a link.
Of all models in the collection at least 4 photos can be seen. In addition, there are pictures of the most recently added models and there are photos with specific themes. (Ex. Model 04050)


Come take a look at the completely renewed webshop, in this I offer my double models for sale. Through the various categories in the webshop you can easily browse through the models and then place your choice in a shopping cart. In the webshop you will find the manufacturers Herpa and AWM, but also smaller manufacturers can be found there. (Webshop)

Catalog 1:87 NL

The seventh version of the catalog for the NL Model cars 1:87 is released.
This catalog attempts to list all Dutch models that were ever released in the 1:87 scale. The catalog will constantly be updated and new models will be added. Every year a new version will appear on my website. Below a download link for this catalog Catalog NL Modelcars 1:87 (version 1.6)

The next update (version 1.7) of the catalog will appear on 31 December 2024.

Let me know what you think of this catalog. I can be reached with this email link


In the photo slideshow below you can see 50 models, with which you can get a good impression of how the collection is structured.

Model exchanges 2024

With the link below you can find the dates of the upcoming modelcar exchanges. Some of these modelcar exchanges are specialized in a certain scale or specialty, such as the trade fairs in Eefde (H0) and the Train exchange in Houten.
(Model exchanges)


You can also find the following topics on this site:

  • Slide shows of all models arranged by manufacturer.
  • Graphs with the structure of the collection
  • The structure of the database fully explained
  • Which model carshows will be held in the coming period.
  • Interesting links regarding modelcar collection


Latest models

Click on this link for an overview of the models that were last added to the collection.

Wanted models

Click on this link to see which models are still missing from my collection and that I would like to add to my collection.

Sell collection?

I also occasionally purchase entire collections. However, this is very much dependent on the state in which the collection is, "mint-boxed" (in good condition and with box) is my preference in this respect. You can reach me through this email-link

Did you know that?

A passenger car in 1:87 has a length of approx. 4.5 cm.
A truck / trailer measures approx. 16.5 cm.